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Thursday, January 21, 2010

You are invited

7 Minutes, 7 Topics and 7 Reflections

When: Sunday, January 24th at 5:00 PM
Where: Center for Spiritual Living,
Address: 4801 Spring Valley Road, Dallas, TX 75244
Website -
Email –
(214) 325-1916

This is an educational program, where 7 speakers will reflect on 7 topics for 7 minutes each along with contributing a few simple things that you and I can do to prevent such tragedies. The topics range from the Holocaust to Genocides, massacres and tragedies. It is a purposeful event to learn, acknowledge and reflect upon the terrible things that we humans have inflicted upon each other.

The Holocaust was a major human tragedy and a failure of humanity. Among Genocides, Massacres and other tragedies we will reflect upon the Indigenous American people, the Mayans, the Toltecs, Darfur, Polpot, Congo, Armenia, Rwanda, Falun Dafa, Burma, Tibet, Bosnia, India, Gaza and the transatlantic slave trade. Through these representative events, our goal is to reflect upon every human tragedy. We plan to have a full day conference to remember every tragedy and we hope you will attend the full day next year.

Sponsored by the Center for Spiritual living and organized by the Foundation for Pluralism, where co-existence is our value. An initiative of American Muslims; striving to contribute towards building civil societies.

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