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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Reflections on Holocaust and Genocides - 6th year

December 21, 2012
VI Annual Reflections on Holocaust and Genocides
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM Sunday, January 27, 2013
Unity Church of Dallas, 6525 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX 75230
Rsvp to: ConfirmAttendance@gmail.com 

HIGHLIGHTED: Sikh Genocide

Every year we have reflected on different aspects of Genocides and Holocaust, this year, we will highlight the Sikh Massacre of 1984 and address Rape, Stereotyping, Human Rights, Oppression, Bangladesh Mass Rapes and the idea of standing up for others. All Grim subjects, but we have to face them, at least once a year. It keeps our humanity intact. Holocaust continues to the be anchor event.

There is a shameless cruelty in us, either we shy away or refuse to acknowledge the sufferings of others, worrying that it will devalue our own or somehow it amounts to infidelity to our own cause. Shame on us that we justifying massacres by believing and propagating that the victims deserved it or asked for it, or simply turn the face.
To paraphrase Sir Edmund Burke, “evil continues to flourish not necessarily because of evil men, but more so because good men do nothing about it.”
The Massacres we witness against a group of people, are pent up frustrations and unresolved issues that reaching a boiling point and hurt everyone involved.  As civilized societies, we need to bring a closure to the issues, which happen through forgiveness, apology and restoration of justice.
Education is the purpose; we have to learn, acknowledge and reflect upon the terrible things that we humans have inflicted upon each other, and to we have to understand that our safety hinges on the safety of all others around us. It is a comprehensive event where all human failings, massacres, genocides and Holocaust will be addressed in one fashion or the other.

We invite sponsors, facilitators, speakers, writers from individuals and organizations to make this happen. It is an initiative of American Muslims striving to build responsible civic societies, where justice and co-existence are our values.

We sincerely hope the attendees will walk out with the following understanding:

·        Other people’s suffering is as legitimate as mine;
·        It is easy to see ourselves as Victims, but we must also see the perpetrator in us;
·        When we strip the politics out of a conflict, we see hope;
·        We can value others suffering without lessening our own;
·        The overriding desire to highlight our own blinds us from other’s suffering.
·        A sense of responsibility for creating a better world is awakened
·        Ultimately co-existence and every one's safety and peace should be the driving thought.

To all those, who have endured holocaust, genocides, massacres, bombs, annihilation, land mines, hunger, rape, torture, occupation and inhuman brutality, we say you are not alone. The least we can do in the process of healing is to acknowledge every one's pain in one voice.

We have begun the process of coming together as one people, to stand with you, we are indeed one world and a single humanity, and caring for each other brings safety and peace to all of us. I cannot be safe if the people around me are not, and I will not have peace if people around me don't. It is in my interest to seek a peaceful world for one and all.

We are working on initiating a course on tolerance education, so one day; we all can learn to have a heart that opens to the pain of every human, yes, we can do that.

Every organization that is willing to subscribe to the idea of co-existence is invited to participate, sponsor, and volunteer.

We invite you to submit a 250 word essay on the issue that agonizes you; please offer your solutions with co-existence in mind in another 100 words. Selection will be based on the comprehensiveness of the thought.

Please send an email to:

Dr. Harbans Lal, Event Chair
 (817) 446-8757
email: japji@tx.rr.com

Mike Ghouse,  President (214) 325-1916 -
email: SpeakerMikeGhouse@gmail.com
America Together Foundation
Foundation for Pluralism
2665 Villa Creek Dr, Suite 206
Dallas, TX 75234

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