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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Holocaust observance in Israel.

Holocaust observance in Israel.


It is one of the most beautiful and moving videos, showing how people honor the holocaust, Insha Allah, I will observe that from next year and would remind every one to do the same.

Indeed, in Madinah, a funeral procession was passing by, the prophet asked his companions who it was, and they identified the person from a certain Jewish tribe. The prophet stood up in silence and respect until the procession passed and said we have to honor every person who leaves this world. From God we come and to God we go.

As peace makers we have to mitigate the conflicts and nurture goodwill, we need to focus on evoking the kindness and bringing people together on such a somber occasion. I wish the maker of the video deleted Ahmedinejad from the video, during that feeling of kindness and love, his picture negated that feeling. I have argued with Muslims and others about the purpose of such inclusions on other occasions and now, I would recommend that it be removed. Let people feel the sorrow and not hate.

Many Muslims in Dallas including me have condemned Ahmedinejad's statement, it is not reflective of the people of Iran or Muslims either, the subscribers to Ahmedinejad idiocy are as few as the subscribers to hate mongering in Israel, yet it feeds the base emotion by highlighting such events, as though the whole population is behind it, it is not, and we need to remind ourselves to be truthful in our understandings, as truth relieves the pain.

May God bless every soul that lost his and her life during the Holocaust and Genocides; May God bring justice to such a huge injustice and restore the balance in the world. Amen

Mike Ghouse

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